Today’s been a good day. This morning started with coffee and a happy dog and a scramble to get all my gear into the car and leave on time.

I breathed underwater for the first time and get to do it again tomorrow during my PADI dive course. I’m beyond stoked.

My car’s back in the driveway after spending a week at the mechanic and racking up a $5,100 bill (which was covered by the extended warranty I almost didn’t purchase when I bought the car).

Plus, I live in a place where early February means 75 and sunny.

So, pretty solid day.

It made me think back to sharing my road trip adventures on this blog and getting to revel just a little bit more in the magic of being able to go on a journey like that.

I stopped posting because my trip ended and I was going back to the dreaded “normal life”. I didn’t think I’d have anything especially exciting to share with you. So I fell out of the habit. And then I kind of forgot it existed.

But 2018’s already showing me that this life’s anything but normal. Maybe my adventures now aren’t about sleeping in a new town every night and encountering wild animals and wilder people. Maybe they’re about all of the living I’ve been squeezing into my weekends.

So what if I started back up with this again?

What if it encouraged me to update the rest of my website and book some shoots? What if I got back to posting lots of photos? What if it helped with my book if I had a writing space I took less seriously? What if it’s a disaster and I quit after this one post?

I don’t know. But it could be fun?