Today I woke up in a gorgeous campsite by the Sacramento River. I made some tea, packed up camp, wrestled my tangled hair into a braid, and drove into town to Tremont Cafe and Creamery, a friendly little place that sells a huge breakfast plate for $5 and hasn’t seemed to mind that I’ve been camped out at one of their tables for the past two hours, basking in the wifi signal and coffee refills.

When I finish this cup of coffee, I’ll get back on the road and drive about two hours to Grenada, CA, where I’ll be WWOOFing at Homeward Bounty Farm for the next week. I have no idea what to expect; the closest I’ve come to farming is gardening in my family’s yard. Am I really prepared for a full day of work? Is my inexperience going to be a problem for my host? Is that annoying oh-crap-I’ve-made-a-mistake feeling going to come back?

I’ve only been on the road for two days, but already I’ve learned a lot. I’ve mastered setting up my tent by myself (it was a pretty graceless procedure the first night). Sleeping alone, with just a tent wall between me and the world, wasn’t as scary last night. And I know I can handle things as they happen, whether it’s a noisy truck stop campground or a horde of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. I might not know anything about farming yet, but if I keep the right mindset, I’m pretty sure I can figure it out.

So here’s to small town cafes, strong coffee, and the power of positive thinking. Let’s make today a good one.