Somehow I’ve found myself back in San Diego having done what I set out to do: I spent at least one night in each contiguous state in just under ten months.

Crush made it 23,057 miles and only broke down twice. I learned how to live out of a car, how to be a useful farm hand, and how to plan for uncertainty. I met amazing, world-changing people and stumbled across incredible places throughout the country. I grew up by playing more and taking life less seriously.

I’ve been in California for almost two weeks now, and I still can’t believe the adventure is over. It’s strange not to get up every morning rushing to get back on the highway. It’s unnerving to spend so much time inside, sitting still. It’s weird to be settling into a routine.

But it’s exciting to wonder where my next adventure is going to take me.

I have some ideas about that, of course, but it’s going to take some time to work out the details. For now, I’m happy to stay in the present and enjoy being home for the holidays.


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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading every shared moment of your excursion. Kudos Kate! What you did was brave, wonderous, & totally necessary for your soul. I wish more 20 somethings would feel confident and compelled to search and conquer. Best of luck to you- Excited to stay tuned☀️

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